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The Movie Stars - By Melissa Archibald

This Song was so popular that many famous people recorded the song on their albums or in movies.

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Congregation of the Ridgecrest (N.C.)Baptist Conference Center


Screen Plays/Movies

  	Cover of Meet Me In St. Louis   Meet Me In St. Louis 1944 starring Judy Garland

In the next scene on Kensington Avenue, precocious nine year old 'Tootie' (Margaret O'Brien) is shown blissfully happy, helping the ice man Mr. Neely (Chill Wills) on his horse-drawn ice-wagon rounds. She sits on the back of the wagon, sucking a piece of ice and singing a few bars of "Brighten the Corner."  'Tootie' joins Mr. Neely in the front seat, where they begin a marvelous discussion about the near-death state of her favorite doll, Margaretha. 'Tootie' is pleasurably interested in gruesome games and the macabre, but frets about her pale-looking doll. She is seriously discussing her mortally-sick doll's fate and preparing to bury it:

   The Peanut Man 1947

   Tobacco Road 1941

   The Donna Reed Show.

Brighten The Corner-Eileen Heckart

Broadways Brighten The Corner

Opening Night Cast


Phyllis Avery Jeri Carson  
Gene Blakely Townsend Marshall
Lt., U.S.N 
Charles Butterworth Jeffrey Q. Talbot  
Dulcie Cooper Opal Harris  
Lenore Lonergan Dell Marshall  
George Petrie Neil Carson  
Robert Simon Officer Robertson  
Paul Stanley Delivery Boy  


[ LAUGHING SINNERS Poster ] [Click on image to enlarge]  Laughing Sinners 1931 Joan Crawford

Laughing Sinners Video of Brighten The Corner

Chagrin Valley Little Theatre History



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