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THE EARLY HISTORY ON THE CABIN & The Phelps Family Provided by Melissa Archibald





 A copy of the US General Land Grant September 15th 1835.  Charles E. Phelps Land Grant for 40 acres signed by Presiden Amdrew Jackson.


1859 Plat Map for the Phelps land                       Look Down here


1876 Plat Map


 1896 Plat Map

 1901 Plat Map



 Front Row: Walden Laskey, Nancy (Phelps) Laskey, Elmer  Back Row: Jr.Wright, Myra Laskey, Myrta Laskey, Arthur Laskey, Mary Helen Laskey, Carrie Laskey Wright.  Photo provided by Shirley Baker




Descendants of Charles E. Phelps


Generation 1


1.            Charles E. Phelps-1[1] was born on 1810 in New York[1, 2, 3]. He died on 01 May 1876 in Monroe  County Michigan[1, 2]. He married Charlotte Rawson. She was born on 1820 in NY[1].


Notes for Charles E. Phelps:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]


the abstract and it lists Charles E. Phelps as the original purchaser of the 40 acres from the  government in 1834.   A later entry in 1857 mentions Charlotte E. as the wife of Charles E.  Phelps


The Land Patent shows the purchase of 40 acres described as The south west quarter of the  south west quarter of section thirty three, in township eightyfifth of range seven east in the  district of lands, subject to sale, at Monroe, Michigan territory containing fourty acres. Andrew  Jackson President of the United States of America signed the document dated the fifteenth  day of September 1835.


Section 33, Township 85, Range 7E, Acres 40, LO Code 10/Monroe Cty., Doc. NR 2503  Signature date 9/15/1835


Occupation Carpenter



1850 US Census for Michigan, Monroe County, Town of Bedford


The census record shows that Charles is age 42 and Charlotte age 35.  Nancy, Stephen,  Selden and Wesley all attended school. Charles is listed as a carpenter. Dwelling and House #  III



The death record of Charles shows he was divorced.



Notes for Charlotte Rawson:  [1812168.ged.FTW]




Maiden name of Rawson found on death certificate of daughter Eliza Phelps.


This family can be found living in Bedford Township Michigan in the 1880, 1860 and 1870   census records. Charlottes husband died between 1852 and 1860. By 1900 Charlotte and her  daughter Eliza were living in Washington Township Lucas County Ohio.  Birth records were  obtained based on these census records. In 1860 Charlottes property value was listed as 400  with personal property at 200. By 1870 her property value is listed as 800 and her son  Wesleys personal property is listed as 300.  in 1880 the only Phelps in Bedford were as  follows.



Name  Age in  1880 Estimated


Birth Year Birthplace Relation to  head-of-house Marital  Status Race Gender Home in 1880  (City,County,State) Census



Charlotte PHELPS 65 <1815> New York Self Widowed White Female Bedford, Monroe, MI  Eliza P. PHELPS 28 <1852> Michigan Dau Single White Female Bedford, Monroe, MI  Irene PHELPS 20 <1860> Ohio Dau Single White Female Bedford, Monroe, MI  John PHELPS 46 <1834> Ohio Self Married White Male Bedford, Monroe, MI  Permelia PHELPS 32 <1848> Michigan Dau Single White Female Bedford, Monroe, MI



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Descendants of Charles E. Phelps


Generation 1


Stephen R. PHELPS 41 <1839> Michigan Son Single White Male Bedford, Monroe, MI  Viola B.  PHELPS 10 <1870> Ohio Dau Single White Female Bedford, Monroe, MI  Willie S. PHELPS 15 <1865> Ohio Son Single White Male Bedford, Monroe, MI



By 1930 there was only a Charles O. Phelps born in 1861 in Bedford


Charlotte is listed as a farmer in the 1860 census record, keeping house in 1870. In 1870 her  children William and Wesley are listed as farming hands or farmers. Stephens occupation  crossed out.



By 1900 Charlotte is said to have had a total of 7 children but only 4 living by 1900.


The 1876 Bedford Plat map shows that she had 20 acres but by 1896 she had 80.  The  original land grant was for 40 acres that her husband Charles purchased.  Charles had died  around 1852 so it is likely that in 1876 either a  neighbor was farming the land or perhaps she  had sold some of her land and would later buy it back. This may explain the increase in her  realistate value which went from 400 to 800 from 1860 to 1870. Her neighbors are  listed as  J.W. Friedley and W. Friedley in the 1876 and 1896 plat maps. The biggest land owner around  them was T. Howlett.



It is likely that between 1880 and 1900 Charlotte had left the property to her son Stephen  because she was living in (Lucas County) Toledo, Ohio by 1900  with her daughter Eliza.  

The house was referred to as the old Stephen Phelps place when 26 acres of land which  contained an orchard and grove were sold to Ina Duley Ogden and her husband  James W.  Ogdon. The land itself was said to be an old Indian trail. The earliest  record I have for indians in this part of the township was  about 1822


The Ogdons expanded the home and moved a 100 year old log cabin from the Henry Beck  farm near Ottawa Lake, Michigan to the home in 1928 or 1929 and John Friedley (John W.  Friedley was 71 years old in 1930  living in Whiteford) and Fred Hasin raised the structure.

The 1876 plat maps show a J.W. and W. Friedley next door to the property, perhaps John was  the same J. Friedley living next door to the property. The photo of him putting up the cabin  shows his age  to be somewhere around 70 years or more.

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Descendants of Charles E. Phelps


Generation 1 (con't)

By 1950 the property was sold to the parents of Sedohr Barnette and after their death it was  left to Sedohr. After her passing the property became her husbands Harley Barnette.  At this  point it looks as though four families have lived in this home during it's 168 year existance.


Though the property went from 40 acres down to 0.9 acres it is still a beautiful plot today, with  it's lush wooded tree's surrounding the back of the property. While the formal gardens are  gone there are still hints of their existance with rustic stones left on the property that once  surrounded the gardens. Each family has shaped the home in some way but it is still possible  to see what changes happened over time and take the home back to its full historic beginning.  It is also possible to preserve elements of historical significance that came in later years  without disrupting the intregrity of the home that makes it so unique.


Children of Charles E. Phelps and Charlotte Rawson are:


i.             William Phelps, B: 1852 in Michigan[1, 2].


ii.            Permelia Phelps, B: 1848 in Michigan[1, 2], D: 1916 in Toledo Ohio[1, 2].


Notes for Permelia Phelps:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]


in the 1880 Census records it shows Permelia as a teacher she would have  been 32 at that time. By 1900 Permelia was living in Lucas County with her  sister Nancy Laskey. Her birth is listed as Aug. 1850.


An unamed article lists Parmelias death 12/18 68 years, died of valvular heart  desease, Toledo State Hosp., Collingwood Cem. (G W G)


iii.           Seldon Phelps, B: 1836 in Michigan[1, 2].


2.             iv.        Nancy Ann Phelps, B: 06 Apr 1834 in Michigan[1, 2], D: 08 Mar 1915 in Toledo,  Ohio.


3.             v.         Charles Wesley Phelps, B: 22 Jan 1843 in Michigan[1, 2], D: 20 Feb 1923 in  Toledo, Ohio[1, 2].


vi.           Phelps Eliza P, B: 1850 in MI[1], D: 15 May 1927 in Lucas County Ohio[1, 2].


Notes for Phelps Eliza P:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]


In the 1880 Bedford Twp Census records and 1900 Lucas County Ohio  Washington township census record Eliza is listed as a dressmaker.


vii.          Parmiella Phelps, B: 1847 in MI[1].


viii.         Stephen R. Phelps, B: 1839 in MI[1], D: 09 Feb 1899 in Temperance,  Michigan[1, 2].


Notes for Stephen R. Phelps:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]




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Descendants of Charles E. Phelps


Generation 1 (con't)


The Monroe Democrat Newspaper


As the dawn of day on the 3rd Stephen . Phelps, a highly respected citizen,  aged nearly 60 years, passed quietyly away. The funeral took place at the   M.E. Church on the 5th. Rev. Newkirk officiating and remains laid "at rest" in  the cemetery.


ix.        Wesley Phelps, B: 1843 in MI[1]. SEE Charles Wesley Phelps below. They are one in the same.


Generation 2


2.            Nancy Ann Phelps-2(Charles E. Phelps-1)[1, 2] was born on 06 Apr 1834 in Michigan[1, 2]. She  died on 08 Mar 1915 in Toledo, Ohio. She married Henry Southard Laskey. He was born on  1833 in England[1, 2].


Notes for Nancy Ann Phelps:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]


Marriage found from the will of Eliza Phelps who listed her neice as Myrta Walters of Toledo.  The 1910 Census Records for Lucas County Ohio showed her mother as Nancy Lasky.  A  nephew Elmer W. Laskey and Walden L. Laskey were also listed in the will.


The 1900 census records shows her birth as April 1832


Notes for Henry Southard Laskey:


Served in 130th Ohio Infantry Union National Guard as a Sergeant, pension record from civil  war notes his wife as Nancy.




being re-elected. They were re-elected in 1858, but in April, 1859, new officers were chosen.  The following lists show the names of all who have filled the offices of mayor, clerk and  councilmen:

The mayors of the town were Emanuel Arnold, 1856; George Laskey, 1857; A. Sterling, 1859;  Jeremiah Atkinson, 1860 to 1869; James J. Vorhes, 1869; G. P. Hinsdale, 1870; Dr. A. J.   Gardner, 1872; Levi Sterling, 1873, 1875 and 1890; J. H. Metkeff, 1874; B. L. Ashley, 1878 to  1884; S. G. Robinson, 1884; Henry S. Laskey,


Children of Nancy Ann Phelps and Henry Southard Laskey are:


4.             i.          Myrta M. Laskey, B: 06 Aug 1864 in Michigan[1, 2], D: 29 Nov 1930 in Toledo,  Ohio.


5.             ii.         Elmer W. Laskey, B: 02 May 1861 in Lucas County Ohio[1, 2], D: 25 Dec 1947  in Toledo, Oh.


iii.           Walden L. Laskey, B: 1893[1, 2].


iv.           Effa C. Laskey, B: 1858 in Michigan.


6.             v.         Carrie Laskey, B: 22 Nov 1865 in Toledo, Ohio, D: 23 Sep 1946 in Toledo,  Ohio.


3.            Charles Wesley Phelps-2(Charles E. Phelps-1)[1, 2] was born on 22 Jan 1843 in Michigan[1, 2].  He died on 20 Feb 1923 in Toledo, Ohio[1, 2]. He married Mary. She was born on 1867 in West  Virginia[1, 2].


Notes for Charles Wesley Phelps:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]



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Descendants of Charles E. Phelps


Generation 2


 The  will of Eliza Phelps listed her nephew (In Toledo Ohio) who's father had passed away and his  mother Mary Phelps. The will is from 1927 and the census record of Lucas County in 1920  showed a Charles W. Phelps as the head of household with wife Mary and Son Charles W.  Phelps Jr.  Charles Sr. is listed as being born in Michigan which is where the Phelps children  were all born. In addition his parents are both listed as being born in New York. Charlotte and  Charles were both born in New York.


The 1900 census record of Lucas County shows Charlotte Phelps as having 7 children with  only 4 living.  By 1900 Permelia, Nancy, Eliza and Charles were all found living.  The birthdate  of Wesley Phelps found in previous census records only differs by one year for Charles Phelps  found in later census records. Charles W. Phelps and Wesley Phelps are the same person. 


From an unamed news article, dated February 20, 1923, Phelps, Charles Wesley, aged 80  years, at his home, 4111 Vermass Ave., Funeral Friday, Feb 23 at 2 P.M. from the residence,  Burial Memorial Park Cemetery.


Child of Charles Wesley Phelps and Mary is:  i.          Charles W. Phelps Jr., B: 1910[1, 2].


Generation 3


4.            Myrta M. Laskey-3(Nancy Ann Phelps-2, Charles E. Phelps-1)[1, 2] was born on 06 Aug 1864 in  Michigan[1, 2]. She died on 29 Nov 1930 in Toledo, Ohio. She married Joseph L. Walters.


Notes for Myrta M. Laskey:  [1812168.ged.FTW]  [Phelps.FTW]


in 1920 Myrta was living with her sister in Law Carrie Wright and her family.  Myrta is actually  Carries sister. She is listed as an elementry school teacher.


Child of Myrta M. Laskey and Joseph L. Walters is:


i.             Chancy L. Walters, B: 1889 in Ohio, D: 02 Jul 1910 in Toledo, Ohio.


i5.            Elmer W. Laskey-3(Nancy Ann Phelps-2, Charles E. Phelps-1)[1, 2] was born on 02 May 1861  in Lucas County Ohio[1, 2]. He died on 25 Dec 1947 in Toledo, Oh. He married Mary Helen. She  was born on 1864[1, 2].


Notes for Elmer W. Laskey:  [1812168.ged.FTW]   [Phelps.FTW]


1920 Census records for Lucas  County list him and his son as Salesman Elmer for roofing  and asphalt and his son for real estate.


Children of Elmer W. Laskey and Mary Helen are:


i.             Helen Laskey, B: 1903[1, 2].


ii.            Dorothy Laskey, B: 1906[1, 2].


iii.           Herbert C. Laskey, B: 1890[1, 2].



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Descendants of Charles E. Phelps


Generation 3


Notes for Herbert C. Laskey:  [1812168.ged.FTW]




HERBERT LASKEY  SSN:     299-05-5415  Last Residence:     32018  Born:     24 Aug 1889  Last Benefit:  Died:     Aug 1978


State (Year) SSN issued:     OH (Before 195


1917-1918 Ohio Military men


Herbert C. Laskey  W  3125 Scottwood Ave., Toledo, O.  Toledo, O. Enlisted:  03 Aug 1914  Toledo, O.  26 Years


6.            Carrie Laskey-3(Nancy Ann Phelps-2, Charles E. Phelps-1) was born on 22 Nov 1865 in  Toledo, Ohio. She died on 23 Sep 1946 in Toledo, Ohio. She married James R. Wright, son of  George G. Wright and Ann Parr. He was born on 15 Jan 1864 in Fulton County Ohio. He died  on 19 Sep 1942 in Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, USA.


Notes for Carrie Laskey:


Lived at 526 Ontario St in Toledo Ohio


Children of Carrie Laskey and James R. Wright are:


i.             Raymond L. Wright, B: 03 Mar 1895 in Ohio.


ii.            Harold Spencer Wright, B: 1898 in Ohio.


iii.           Helen A. Wright, B: 1900 in Toledo, Ohio.



 Research by Melissa Archibald, Death Records for Lucas and Monroe County Michigan, Census Records in Lucas County and Bedford Township Michigan. Ancestry records and LDS hard copy death certificates.

1       1812168.ged.FTW. Date of Import: Oct 27, 2003.


2       Phelps.FTW. Date of Import: Oct 27, 2003.


3, 1850 United States Federal Census (Provo, UT, USA: The Generations  Network, Inc., 2005), Database online. Bedford, Monroe, Michigan, roll M432_358, page 293,  image 88.Record for Charles Phelps.



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