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 These are articles related to the sale of the song "Brighten The Corner Where You Are" I have included movie related items as well as radio.












 Ina Duley Ogdon can also be found in Broad Cast History:

Jingle History

 Early Jingle used by Gold Dust Twins on Radio Show

One of the first vocal examples of this genre of musical theme song was the use of "Brighten The Corner Where You Are" as the theme for Harvey Hindemeyer and Earle Tuckerman, who were Goldy and Dusty, The Gold Dust Twins. The opening announcement for their Red Network program clearly tied the theme song to the product, by suggesting that Gold Dust Washing Powder really did "brighten the corners." Strictly speaking these theme songs weren't commercials -- but they got the point across.


Vintage Radio Recordings



   Rocky Signed off every show with "Brighten The Corner Where You Are"


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A new album release helps to modernize Brighten The Corner Where You Are. Liliana Rose adds her own style to the song.

A New Singer

Accordian version of Oh when the saints and Brighten The Corner Where You Are 

Walt Disney Hymns


 Paramount Old Time Recordings  Welling & Shannon Brighten The Corner
Londonderry Choir - 21 Greatest Religious Hymns CD Cover Art  CD music music CDs songs album                                                  Londonerry Choir Brighten The Corner
 Metropolitan Boys Choir

 Brighten The Corner

Brighten The Corner

  Ella Fitzgerald Brighten The Corner


    The Mills Brothers Brighten The Corner
   The Wilders Brighten The Corner Where You Are
   Joan Crawford Brighten The Corner
   Alice Faye

 Brighten The Corner

 Brighten The Corner

 Ed McCurdy & Dana McCudy Brighten The Corner
 Harmonica Sound Track Brighten The Corner
   Ernie Ford Brighten The Corner
    Burl Ives Brighten The Corner
 Talking Tabs Brighten The Corner
    Margaret O'Brian Brighten The Corner
 Mia Marianne & Per Filip Brighten The Corner
 Brighten the Corner Where You Are Black and White Urban Hymnody   The Kings of Harmony  Brighten The Corner
 The Famous Blue Jay Singers  Brighten The Corner
   The Soul Stirrers  Brighten The Corner
 The Fairfield Four  Brighten The Corner
    The White Sisters Brighten The Corner
 The Roberta Martin Singers   Brighten The Corner
    Max Robinson Brighten The Corner
 Sister Rosetta Tharpe  Brighten The Corner
 Red Foley  Brighten The Corner


 Recorded by Dewey W. Hill and donated to the Blue Ridge Institute by Mrs. Grace Hill This was possibly broadcast on Dewey Hill's radio program on WPAQ (Mt. Airy) or WBOB (Galax). Brighten The Corner
 Paul Gardiner Singers / the old country church favourite old time  Brighten The Corner
 Carol And Sharon Myers / to god be the glory  Brighten The Corner
 Shannon Steele / i've got peace like a river  Brighten The Corner


 Sound Track

 Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet Silver Collection Volume 3 Brighten The Corner
Alan McGill, Baritone Songs of The Sawdust Trail Brighten The Corner
 Shannon Steele Knox-- I've Got Peace Like A River Brighten The Corner
 The Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quarted Brighten The Corner Where You Are
 Childrens Medley Brighten The Corner
 Red Sovine  Brighten The Corner
 Homer Rodeheaver  Brighten The Corner
 Praise Trio / we will glorify  Brighten The Corner
 Summer Church / heaven's front door  Brighten The Corner
 Alan Mcgill, Baritone / songs of the sawdust trail and portiat of alan  Brighten The Corner
 Kurt Kaiser / oh how he loves you and me  Brighten The Corner



 Bryn Riplinger -- God Hath Done All Things WellBrighten The Corner 
 Charisma / live  Brighten The Corner
 Jim Hendricks / rocky top hymns instrumental  Brighten The Corner
 Bible Truth Chroale / i am trusting in the lord  Brighten The Corner
 Mark Kent / all to jesus i surrender  Brighten The Corner



Old Fashioned Revival Hour Choir And Quartet Old Time Gospel Favorites Volume 3 Brighten The Corner
 On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand: Sacred Songs of America Brighten The Corner


 Brighten The Corner
 Carol And Sharon Meyers -- To God Be The Glory Brighten The Corner
 Statesman Brighten The Corner
 Ralph Charmichael Brighten The Corner
 The Cathedrals Brighten The Corner

 Mark Kent

 Brighten The Corner

Anita Bryant Brighten the Corner


 Burt Lange Brighten The Corner
 Rhoda Long Brighten The Corner
 Schmitt Brothers Barbershop Quartet Brighten The Corner
 Homer Tankersley Brighten The Corner
 Piano Music Brighten The Corner
 Piano Music Brighten The Corner
 Sheet Music Oh It Is Jesus
 MIDI Song Brighten The Corner
 Piano Music, Song By Ina Living Where The Healing Waters Flow
 Piano Music Song By Ina Carry Your Cross With A Smile
 Piano Music Song By Ina More Then These
 Piano Music Song By Ina What Would Jesus Do
 Piano Music, Song By Ina Who Will Open Mercys Door
 Sheet Music, Song by Ina Could I Tell It

 Song By Ina Duley Ogdon

Song By Ina Duley Ogdon

Song By Ina Duley Ogdon

Song By Ina Duley Ogdon

 Hark, I Hear My Name

Keep The Roses Blooming at Your door

Make A Little Heaven Here

I Shall Hear Those Songs Again


A Very Old Version of Brighten The Corner

 I Have Been Saved

Brighten The Corner

 Song By Ina Duley Ogdon Open Wide The Windows
 Song By Ina Duley Ogdon Promise to Mother, The

 Song By Ina Duley Ogdon

Sapphire Accordian Band UK

 You Must Open The Door

Irish Accordion Favourites

 Video of  Living Where The Healing Waters Flow 
 Sheet Music, Song by Ina Better Then I Know
 Sheet Music, Song by Ina Oh It Is Jesus
 The Blackwood Brothers Quartet Blackwood Brothers Quartet

 The Messengers Quartet


 Brighten The Corner



 With All Due Respect Tribute to Chet Atkins Brighten The Corner


 MP3 Album Cover          Whispering Hope


MIDI Sound track


  The Three Bells


 Henry Burr   Brighten The Corner Where You Are


Apollo Quartet of Boston.

Dave Berland


Dewey Hill




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