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The Following Comments have been received regarding this old house.  Sources and Links are at the bottom of the page.

If this house is sold and people are restricted from visiting it or, even worse, it is destroyed, it will be a huge mistake. 100 years from now our children will berate us for our foolishness and callousness

This song has encouraged me many times when I did not like the circumstances that I was living in.

I am the author of, and can personally testify to the impact Ina Ogdon's life and writings have had on my life and countless millions. Saving Ina's home and turning it into a historical destination would not only provide a great opportunity for tourism in your city, but also show the value and respect you have for important people of history.

There is a great amount of history to preserve within this site.

This historical diamond in the rough must be saved!

This song has encouraged me many times when I did not like the circumstances that I was living in.

I moved to Bedford Township in October of 2004. One of the first things to catch my eye was this cabin. It is a treasure and needs to be saved. Previously I lived in Clinton Township in Macomb County. Several similar buildings have been preserved there and placed on the township headquarters property. I have spoken to someone in the Bedford Township offices about this property but just discovered your efforts from reading Bedford NOW. Am willing to help if I have skills you need.

This house is the CROWN JEWEL of Bedford Township, if not all of Monroe County.

This log cabin is amazing inside. It needs to fixed up and preserved. Let the history stay alive.

This will be a wonderful project for the township to undertake...looking forward to helping in any other ways possible.

i have always been intrigued by this property.

Good luck, ladies!

History should be preserved.

I have adored this historic home since my childhood!

The house should be preserved!

I would be interested in helping to restore it as I just live down the street from it and have always been fascinated and admired it as I drive by it almost daily.

I pass by this house sometimes several times a week, if not more. I've often admired the house and even considered finding out who owned it so i could possibly purchase it. This house has always fascinated me. I hope it will be preserved as with all the history.

I walked by this home, or through the woods behind it, to school fifty years ago and would occasionally meet the old woman who lived there. This home is so rare and potentially beautiful it must be saved. To fail in this would be an unconscionable act. Bedford is fast becoming overdeveloped enough as it is. Let's band together and save this home.

I was in the house many years ago. It is a treasure and should be saved.

The Bedford area deserves a museum dedicated to its rich history. This area is very significant to the settlement of this area.

It is important for our township to have a historical museum to house the valuable historical artifacts collected by Trudy Urbani. Having the home of Ina Duly Ogdon restored is a great concept. What an ideal place to preserve our history.

Harley Barnette was an awesome man. I got to know him when he took classes at the MCCC Whitman Center where I am the Director. I suggested the Bedford Now feature him in an article, which they did. Restoring this home would be a great tribute to him.

A very worth while cause. Please do all in your power to save this piece of history

Ina is history in music, religion, women's! Letting the past be forgotten deprives us from knowing the importance of people and the region

I've been intrigued by this house for some time and hope you have success in having it become a historical museum. I would love to tour it. I lived in a house on Dean Rd. built circa 1865 for several years & sold it to my son. I hope that at the very least you can get the Ogdon house designated a historic building so that it will be preserved. I've always loved the song Mrs. Ogdon wrote. Amazing that it was written here in Bedford!

I have always wondered about this home and now I know thanks to the article in Bedford Now.

I would love to see it saved and used as a historical landmark of Bedford Township.

I have often wondered about this old home. I think that it would be great to fix it up and save it.

Mrs. Ogdon is my great-grandmother

My husband (Michael) and I have lived in one of Bedford homes built in 1849 for 26 years now. We know first hand about preserving our history in Bedford township. We need to save this part of history.

I strongly support this effort. I needs to be tied into the larger world of historic preservation and get connected with the Michigan Dept. of History, Arts, and Libraries; the State Historic Preservation Office; the Michigan Historic Preservation Network; and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, all of whom I have been associated with. Also, Monroe County is involved with a state Cultural Economic Development grant that is looking for historic sites in the county to highlight.

I grew up on Mason Dr. right across from the old house. I frequently went mushroom hunting and sledding on the property. I am deeply interested in seeing this saved. Any way I can help? E-mail me!

It would be a tragedy & a crime for this house not to be saved & restored. A historical museum is a fabulous idea, something the whole township could enjoy! I would be willing to help in any way possible to make this happen.

I would approve of a small tax to rebuild and maintain this home as a museum.

Let me know how I can help.

I would be happy to donate my time and labor to saving this piece of history.

I grew up next door to this home at 6827 Summerfield. I knew Mrs. McDonald and spent time in this cabin. I would love to see this preserved and would help if I could. This history and it needs to be saved.

I have always loved that house. I always wanted to buy it and fix it up. I am glad that someone will!

I grew up in this area and remember when this home was still lived in and kept up. It would be great to see that again.

I used to clean the house in th 1950's

I used to play there when I was a child

Ina was my great-grandmother.

Ina Duley Ogdon's home deserves to be preserved as an important historical site in the history of evangelical Christianity and Christian hymnody. Her hymn, "Brighten The Corner Where You Are," helped propel Homer Rodeheaver(Billy Sunday's song leader)to fame.

Please help preserve the architectural heritage of the area. This is living history, a cultural resource that is of benefit to the entire community.

Many people appreciate her hymns and the home as described seems to have other historical significance as well.

It would surely be a shame to let such history be demolished.

I love hearing that another bit of history is about to be saved. My father was a historian and worked to save as much information and property as possible in his small home town and county. He lived in Rockville, Missouri (Bates County). Population of 300 (on a good day). Keep up the good work!


I feel it is a shame to destroy old homes with significant historical value

Always preserve the past if we can.



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Archibald, a local historian, launched a petition drive to save the Ina Duley Ogdon cabin on Summerfield Rd. in Lambertville. Dianne Carroll, an eight year volunteer with RSVP of
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