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Brighten The Corner, a Famous Quote - Research by Melissa Archibald

If you look on line today and google the words "Brighten The Corner" you will find a large number of things all related to the Ina Duley Ogdon song. The song was so popular in America and abroad that it did become a universal quote all over the world. It was used in publications and advertisements for any product you could buy. These words have been used since 1912 and although the younger generation does not know who Ina was, they may find themselves quoting the words “Brighten The Corner”.
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The above graph documents the frequency that "Brighten The Corner Where You Are" has been used in the papers around the world and continues to grow even more in this century



 12,000 March and Sing "Brighten The Corner Where You Are" to call for the end of the war after President Hardings speech. To read the article you have to go to the New York Times and do a search with the headline above. "Bryan Sees Harding Famous as Lincoln"


 From the above Congressional Record from he House

Judge Jones has traveled the world, counseled Presidents, walked with great leaders, earned the respect of all who know him and achieved great renown. Yet he has never forgotten his roots and the lessons he learned at his mothers knee. He has always lived by the simple admonition he learned in Sunday School—‘‘brighten the corner where you are.’’

The World is going to end? (Click the link to read entire story)

In the premillennial worldview, there is no real role for social reform. If you are awaiting the end of the world, why try to better it? Why "brighten the corner where you are," as the children's hymn goes? Indeed, the worse things get on Earth, the sooner divine intervention may be anticipated. The spread of AIDS, the extinction of species, global warming are all possible harbingers of imminent celestial glory. (According to a Newsweek poll, some 17 percent of Americans believe that the world is going to end in their lifetime.)


















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